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Recommended Catholic Periodical List

The price for each periodical is the normal cost of a 1 year subscription. Most offer discounts for multiple year subscriptions and some have specials for new subscribers.

See what I left off the recommended list at the bottom.



Publisher: PO Box 300561; St. Louis MO 63130
Phone: 314-863-8385 Web:
Freq: Monthly (10/year) Cost: $25 membership
Description: Dedicated to the liturgy and a proper implementation of the Vatican Council, it primarily combats abuses in the liturgy while promoting sacred music, architecture, etc.


The Catholic Answer

Publisher: Our Sunday Visitor; 200 Noll Plaza; Huntington, IN 46750
Phone: 800-348-2440
Web: E-mail:
Freq: Bimonthly Cost: $20.95
Description: An early pioneer in modern lay Catholic Apologetics, this magazine is known for its extensive, no-nonsense question and answer sections, as well as lively articles.


Catholic Parent

Publisher: Our Sunday Visitor; 200 Noll Plaza; Huntington IN 46750
Phone: 800-348-2440
Web: E-mail:
Freq: Bimonthly Cost: $24
Description: "Raising and Keeping Our Kid Catholic" A spiritual resource for parents of children of all ages. Focuses on important family values.


Catholic World Report

Publisher: Ignatius Press; PO Box 591300; San Francisco CA 94159-1300
Phone: 800-651-1531
Freq: Monthly Cost: $39.95
Description: An international news magazine on what is happening in the Church around the world and in the U.S. Profiles, interviews, news bytes, and a variety of other features.



Publisher: 15 Dutch St.; New York, NY 10038
Phone: 888-495-6755
Web: E-mail:
Freq: Biweekly Cost $47
Description: Independent biweekly edited by lay Catholics. Good review of public affairs, current events, religion, literature, movies and the arts.



Publisher: P.O. Box 10559; Riverton NJ 08076-0559
Phone: 800-852-9962 Web:
Freq: Monthly Cost: $24.97
Description: Commentary on the moral crisis in contemporary social issues, from an orthodox Catholic ("neo-conservative") perspective. A good review of our culture, American politics and Catholicism. Also includes coverage of music and the arts.



Publisher: Envoy Subscriber Services; New Hope KY 40052-9989
Phone: 800-553-6869 Web:
Freq: Bimonthly Cost: $36.00 (Online-edition: $12.95)
Description: A journal of Catholic apologetics and evangelization that presents the orthodox truth in a contemporary and upbeat way. Articles by top Catholic writers on apologetics and catechesis.


Faith & Family

Publisher: Circle Media, Inc
E-mail: Web:
Freq: Quarterly Cost: $11.95
Description: A glossy magazine for Catholic parents and families including traditions, spirituality and practical tips for marriage, parenting and incorporating Catholic faith into family life (plus many advertisements).


First Things

Publisher: Institute on Religion and Public Life; P.O. Box 3000, Dept FT; Denville, NJ 07834
Phone: 800-783-4903 Web:
Freq: 10/yr Cost: $34.00
Description: Neoconservative views with a very Catholic understanding of the relation of Church to society from both Christian and Jewish observers. A scholarly look at a vast array of phenomena on the cultural, political, and religious scene. Edited by Fr. Richard Neuhaus whose own massive column, The Public Square, is a great resource.


Inside the Vatican

Publisher: 3050 Gap Knob Rd; New Hope KY 40052
Phone: 800-789-9494 Web:
Freq: 10/yr Cost: $49.95
Description: With news from the Vatican, this magazine covers a wide variety of issues concerning the Catholic Church. Incredible color photography attractive for all ages.


Lay Witness

Publisher: Catholics United for the Faith; 827 N Fourth St; Steubenville OH 43952
Phone: 800-693-2484
E-mail: Web:
Freq: Bimonthly Cost: $40 membership
Description: This magazine is packed with excellent articles and features that show forth the beauty and truth of the Catholic faith in areas of doctrine, society, and morals. A charitable yet strong voice for orthodoxy. Includes some apologetics.



Publisher: Liguori Publications; Liguori Dr; Liguori, MO 63057
Phone: 314-464-2500 Web:
Freq: Monthly (10/year) Cost: $18
Description: Short articles offer encouragement and support on Christian life. Very light, easy reading. Published by the Redemptorists.



Publisher: International Marriage Encounter, Inc.; Marriage Magazine; 955 Lake Dr; St. Paul, MN 55120
Phone: 800-MARRIAGE Web:
Freq: Bimonthly Cost: $19.95
Description: "Enrich, Enhance and Enliven Your Relationship". A magazine to celebrate and strengthen marriage and everyday Catholic family life. Each issue focuses on a central theme. Free sample issue.


New Oxford Review

Publisher: 1069 Kains Ave; Berkeley CA 94706
Phone: 510-526-5374 Fax: 510-526-3492
Freq: Monthly Cost: $19
Description: Provides a diverse treatment of social issues from a conservative and critical viewpoint. Lively and ecumenical with a strong Catholic undercurrent. Impressive contributors.



Publisher: Catholic News Service; USCC/NCCB; 3211 Fourth St. NE; Washington, DC 20017
Phone: 202-541-3290
Web: E-mail:
Freq: Weekly Cost: $104
Description: The original source for all official church documents, pastoral letters, etc. of both the US bishops as well as Vatican and the Pope.


The Pope Speaks

Publisher: Our Sunday Visitor; 200 Noll Plaza; Huntington, IN 46750
Phone: 800-348-2440
Web: E-mail:
Freq: Bimonthly Cost: $24.95
Description: Letters, addresses, sermons, homilies of the Pope and other major Church documents.


This Rock

Publisher: Catholic Answers; P.O. Box 17490; San Diego, CA 92177
Phone: 888-291-8000 Fax: 619-387-0042
E-mail: Web:
Freq: Monthly (10/year) Cost: $29.95
Description: Good source for Catholic evangelization and apologetics. Features solid and practical articles. Includes features on patristics, as well as a section of current apologetics news.

Youth and Teens

St. Joseph Messenger

Publisher: PO Box 751143; Dayton OH 45475-1143
Phone: 800-242-9954
Web: E-mail:
Freq: Monthly (9/year) Cost: $30
Description: A magazine for children (junior high) and families, featuring the Catholic faith in current events, art, architecture, literature, saints, history and more.

Daily Inspirationals

God's Word Today

Publisher: Bayard Publications; God's Word Today; 5615 West Cermak Road; Cicero, IL 60650-9849
Phone: 800-348-2440
Freq: Monthly Cost: $19.95
Description: This is a daily Bible Study guide which help Catholics read and understand the Bible. Good for those who have not had much experience reading the Bible and the various commentaries.


Living Faith

Publisher: Creative Communications for the Parish; 1564 Fencorp Drive; Fenton MO 63026
Phone: 636-305-9777
Web: E-mail:
Freq: Quarterly Cost: $7.95
Description: Self-titled as "Daily Catholic Devotions" this booklet provides a short and simple one-minute meditation on the day's Mass readings. Larger size and bulk discounts available.



Publisher: PO Box 91; Spencerville MD 20868-9978
Phone: 301-853-6600 Web:
Freq: Monthly (14/year) Cost: 39.95
Description: This valuable booklet is a missal with the full text of the day's Mass readings and the Order of Mass. Includes a good meditation and excerpts of Morning and Evening Prayer for each day; plus other prayers, blessings, and hymns.


My Daily Visitor

Publisher: Our Sunday Visitor; 200 Noll Plaza; Huntington, IN 46750-9957
Phone: 800-348-2440
Web: E-mail:
Freq: Bimonthly Cost: $12.95
Description: Daily readings and reflections that promote a refreshing breath of inspiration.


One Bread, One Body

Publisher: Presentation Ministries, Inc.; 3230 McHenry; Cincinnati OH 45211
Phone: 513-662-5378
Freq: Bimonthly Cost: Offering
Description: Daily reflections on the day's scripture readings written by the late Fr. Al Lauer.


Share the Word

Publisher: Paulist Natl. Catholic Evangelization; Share The Word, PCNEA; 3031 Fourth St. N.E.; Washington, DC 20017
Phone: 800-435-7116 Web:
Freq: Quarterly Cost: $22.75
Description: Share the Word is the nation's largest Catholic Bible study and sharing program with a special focus on the Sunday lectionary readings. A reliable and easy to understand resource.


The Word Among Us

Publisher: 9636 Doctor Perry Road #126N; Ijamsville MD 21754
Phone: 800-775-9673 Web:
Freq: Monthly Cost: $22.95
Description: A resource for daily meditation, prayer and reflection. Prayer and scripture reading based on the day's Mass readings. Family edition with extra articles available for the same price.


L'Osservatore Romano

English Edition: The Cathedral Foundation; PO Box 777; Baltimore MD 21203
Phone: 888-768-9555 Fax: 443-524-3155
E-mail: Web:
Freq: Weekly in English edition $109
Description: "The pope's own newspaper." A gold mine of Official Vatican news, papal messages, the pope's schedule and more.


National Catholic Register

Publisher: PO Box 373; Mt Morriss IL 61054
Phone: 800-421-3230 Web:
Freq: Weekly Cost: $24.95 (half year)
Description: Becoming the best Catholic weekly. Surveys national and international news of Catholic interest, plus politics, devotions, scripture, prayer, etc. A reliable, comprehensive and relevant paper with top Catholic writers, apologists and personalities each week.


Our Sunday Visitor

Publisher: 200 Noll Plaza; Huntington, IN 46750
Phone: 800-348-2440
Web: E-mail:
Freq: Weekly Cost: $37.95
Description: This Catholic newspaper offers a relevant mix of news, articles, opinion, human interest, and more. A faithful view of the Church yet with challenging and hard-hitting journalism.


The Wanderer

Publisher: 201 Ohio St.; St. Paul, MN 55107
Phone: 612-224-5733 Web:
Freq: Weekly Cost: $50
Description: Large Catholic newspaper, loyal to the Pope, extremely conservative, very pro-life, good source of all the latest events in the American Catholic Church.

For Priests

Homiletic & Pastoral Review

Publisher: Ignatius Press; PO Box 591810; San Francisco CA 94159-9812
Phone: 800-651-1531
Freq: Monthly Cost: $26
Description: Directed to priests with its homily aids, this magazine covers a range of social, pastoral and theological topics that are easily readable, and includes some scholarly articles.


The Priest

Publisher: Our Sunday Visitor; 200 Noll Plaza; Huntington, IN 46750
Phone: 800-348-2440
Web: E-mail:
Freq: Monthly Cost: $39.95
Description: A magazine for priests with homily aids and a very pastoral viewpoint. Easy to read articles which deal with many topics pertinent to contemporary Catholicism.



Publisher: Legionnaires of Christ; PO Box 162; Cheshire CT 06410
Phone: 888-881-0729 Fax: 203-271-3845
Web: E-mail: or
Freq: Bimonthly Cost: $30
Description: "A Magazine of On-Going Formation", a good publication for priests with homily aids. The scholarly articles cover all areas such as theology, ministry, and priestly spirituality.


What did I leave off the recommended list?

I left out "America" and "National Catholic Reporter", and others that unfortunately are 'solidly liberal' and frequently question or undermine the teachings of the Church and Holy Father.

I also left out "The Remnant", "New Triumph", "Latin Mass Magazine", "Crying in the Wilderness Newsletter" and others of the 'far right', as these magazines often promote specific agendas which do not always represent Catholicism. I did leave in "The Wanderer", as it often has news stories of interest that other periodicals do not.

Catholic Digest, A Reader's Digest for Catholics with humorous and inspirational columns. I do not recommended this as a Catholic periodical, because it teaches little about Catholic doctrine or specifically Catholic books, and sometimes supports liberal authors.



Copyright 2004 Victor Claveau. All Rights Reserved