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800,000 Saved by Pius XII’s ‘Silence’ (Donald Demarco)  

A Question of Judgment: Pius XII & the Jews

(Dr. Joseph L. Lichten)

A Righteous Gentile: Pope Pius XII and the Jews

(Rabbi David G. Dalin)

A Son of the Church of Pius XII Breaks the

Silence on His Sanctity, (Sandro Magister)

A strong leader, a holy man (Bishop Raymond A. Lucker)

Anti-Judaism vs. Anti-Semitism Was Christianity Itself

Responsible for the Nazi Holocaust? (Helen M. Volois)  

Blaming the Wartime Pope (Kenneth L. Woodward)  

"Goldhagen v. Pius XII" (Ronald J. Rychlak)

Hitler's Pope? (Donald Divine)

How Pius XII Protected Jews (Jimmy Akin)

Mit Brennender Sorge ("With burning sorrow") March 14, 1937,

Pope Pius XI, On the Church and the German Reich

Moscow’s Assault on the Vatican:

The KGB made corrupting the Church a priority. (Ion Mihai Pacepa)

Most Of Rome's Jews Were Saved From

Hitler's 'Final Solution'  (L'Osservatore Romano)

Nazis and Church Locked Horns Early (ZENIT)  

Nazi Policy and the Catholic Church (Karol Jozef Gajewski)  

"Not Enough" vs. "Plenty": Which did Pius XII do?, (Berel Lang)

Nuncio's Writings Tell of No Controversy

Over Jewish Children. Interview With Journalist

Andrea Tornielli. January 25, 2005.

Nuns Who Saved Polish Jews (Fr. Zygmunt Zielinski)   

Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust

Pius XII and the Jews: The War Years

(Stephen M. DiGiovanni, H.E.D)

Pius XII and the Holocaust: A Reader.

Published by the Catholic League.

Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust, by the

Catholic League for Religious & Civil Rights.

Pius XII and the Jewish Holocaust (George Sim Johnston)

Pius XII and the Jews (David G. Dalin)

Pius XII and the Jews: Greatness dishonored (Stephen Boyle)

Pius XII as Scapegoat (Michael Novak)

Pius XII considered resigning to thwart Nazis (CNS)

Pius XII: Saintly defender of European Jews (Mary Jo Anderson)  

Pius XII: Years of Praise Years of Blame (Rev. Robert A. Graham S.J.)

Pope Pius XII and the Jews (Sr. Margherita Marchione)

Pope Pius XII: Friend and Rescuer of Jews (William Doino, Jr.)

Postwar Catholics, Jewish Children, and a Rush to Judgment

 (Ronald J. Rychlak)

Response to Accusations Against Pius XII - Myth vs Historical Fact

(Fr Pierre Blet, S.J.) 

The Black Legend of Pius XII Was Invented by a Catholic: Mounier,

(Sandro Magister)

The Catholic Church and the Holocaust (Michael E. Telzrow)

The Devil's Advocate (William D. Rubinstein)

The End of the Pius Wars, (Joseph Bottum)

The Good Samaritan: Jewish Praise For Pope Pius XII. Inside the Vatican

The Record of Pius XII's Opposition to Hitler. Inside the Vatican

The Search for the Historical Pius : As always in such disputes,

the truth is the first casualty (Jose M. Sanchez)

The Silence of Pius XII: The Origins of the Black Legend

(Giovanni Maria Vian)

They Must Never Be Forgotten: Priests and Nuns Who

Rescued People From the Holocaust (Sally M. Rogow)

Towards an Evaluation of Pius XII (Pietro De Marco)

Was the Pope a Nazi? (Mark Kreibling)

When Rome's Religious Houses Saved Jews. Interview With

Historian Sister Grazia Loparco. January 21, 2005.





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