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Birth Control and Abortifacients

Catholic Edition

“A genuine tour-de-force!”


Learn why the Catholic Church is adamantly against artificial contraception.

Everyone should read Birth Control and Abortifacients as countless lives are in serious jeopardy. Birth Control and Abortifacients exposes some of the best kept secrets concerning artificial contraception, and the abortifacient nature of the pill.

Learn what the pharmaceutical industry does not really want you to know.

Learn what most doctors neglect to tell you about the serious, life threatening dangers of the birth control pill.

Learn why condoms have such a high failure rate in protecting against Sexually Transmitted Diseases and the AIDS virus, and much, much more.


Meticulously researched and footnoted.

Ideal for Marriage Preparation, Engaged Encounter, RCIA, Pro-life, Adult Education classes.


Reviews & Recommendations:


"Victor Claveau's Birth Control and Abortifacients is a unique and needed publication. It deserves the widest distribution. Everyone should read it."

Fr. Paul B. Marx, OSB, Founder, Human Life International


"Victor Claveau has provided a valuable tool to bring understanding and acceptance of the Church's view on artificial contraception, amassing data in a most comprehensible manner from the fields of theology, philosophy, sociology, psychology, and medicine. A genuine tour-de-force that should be required reading in all marriage preparation courses, as well as in classes of moral theology in Catholic high schools and colleges."

- Rev Peter M. J. Stravinskas, Ph.D., S.T.D., Editor, The Catholic Response


"Victor Claveau has managed to fit a gold mine of relevant information on Catholic sexual morality into this small book. I heartily recommend it."

- Brian Clowes, Ph.D., Director of Research, Human Life International


"Your writing/work could change the course of the debate; it could ignite the powerful (i.e., bishops and priests) by its' force. I do not know of a time when I read something so forceful and clear about birth control."

- Randall Terry, Founder, Operation Rescue 


"I am ecstatic about 'Birth Control and Abortifacients'. It is a brilliantly organized and comprehensive revelation, review, explanation and solution arranged for a quick read regarding the single most important issue in the Church and in the world today."

- Bud Macfarlane, Sr., M.I., Author and Speaker on Culture of Life Issues


With regard to the Pill as an abortifacient, I recommend Victor Claveau’s BIRTH CONTROL AND ABORTIFACIENTS for extensive information and documentation.

- Father Matthew Habiger, O.S.B., NFP Outreach


By E-mail:

"I am a Catholic Doctor involved in evangelisation. I read your book Birth Control  and Abortifacients - it was excellent!"

- Dr Charlie O'Donnell FRCP DA EDICM FCEM, Consultant in Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine, London, UK


Table of Contents:


The Birth Control Pill
Some Health Hazards of the Pill

The Condom, STDs and the Intra-Uterine Device (IUD)

"The Shot" and Norplant

The Call to Holiness

The Pill and Birth Defects

Long-term Effects


NuvaRing® Birth Control

Plan B — the “Morning-after Pill”

Calculated Annual Infant Homicides of Unborn Babies in the United States of America

"Let Your Conscience be Your Guide"

What is Conscience?

Abstinence-only Education Programs
Facts about Abstinence Education

Margaret Sanger Left Behind a Destructive, Racist, Legacy

Where is the Black Moral Leadership?
Humanae Vitae and Artificial Contraception

Prophetic Message of Humanae Vitae

Our Greatest Weapon

Natural Family Planning - Effective and easy
Birth Control and NFP: What's the Difference?
A Personal Note
Recommended readings


$9.95 plus $5.00 S & H.


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Quantity discounts:

10 copies @ $8.95 ea.

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Please contact us at (307) 645-5022  for quantity orders and shipping charges.


We ship anywhere in the world.  Please contact us by E-mail for shipping charges and instructions for payment at


Order your copy today by sending a check or money order payable to Victor Claveau, to the address below.


Victor R. Claveau, MJ

The Evangelization Station

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Hudson, Florida 34667 

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