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See also: Natural Family Planning


A Basic Theology of Marriage (Christopher West)

A 'Culture' of Inverted Sexuality (Patrick Fagan)

A Response to Luke Timothy Johnson's Critique of John Paul II's "Disembodied" Theology of the Body  (Christopher West)  

"A Return to Modesty: Discovering the Lost Virtue"

book review (Sarah Hinlicky)

Abstinence. It works every time (Focus on the Family)

Abstinence, the New Wave in Sex Education (ZENIT)

An Interview with Christopher West

(Daughters of Saint Mary)

Angry White Female: Margaret Sanger's Race of Thoroughbreds

(Benjamin J. Wiker)  

 Anthropology Afoul of the Facts (Benjamin D. Wiker)

Artificial Contraception (Victor R. Claveau)

Attraction to Infinity: A Review of God at the Ritz

(Christopher West)

Banishing Unchaste Thoughts — the Healthy Way

(Mary Beth Bonacci)

Catholic Teaching Has the Best Way to Stop AIDS

(Wayne Laugesen)

Celibacy (Raymond Arroyo)

Celibacy for the Kingdom & the Fulfillment of Human Sexuality (Christopher West)

Chastity Before Marriage: a Fresh Perspective

(Mark Lowery)

Chastity Begins at Home Parental Rights and Chastity Education

(Lay Witness)

Chastity is Becoming Fashionable (ZENIT)

Children Need Morality (Lisa Marie Contini)

Church Teaching on Contraception (Part 1)

(Fr. William Saunders)

Church Teaching on Contraception (part 2)

(Fr. William Saunders)

Church Teaching on Contraception (part 3)

(Fr. William Saunders) Contraceptives Diminish Marital Union

Church Teaching on Contraception (part 4

(Fr. William Saunders) Natural Family Planning

Church Teaching on Contraception (part 5)

(Fr. William Saunders) Contraceptive References in the Bible

Church Teaching on Contraception (part 6) (Fr. William Saunders)

Contraceptives Show Grave Consequences

Compromises on Love (Dr. Richard Wetzel, M.D.)

Condoms Vs Abstinence (Steven M. Mosher)

Congress Hears Testimony That Condoms Do Not Prevent Some STDs (Austin Ruse)

Conjugal Intimacy (Marshall Fightlin)

Contraception and Abortion (Prof. Julian Porteous)

Contraception — the Bitter Pill (George Sim Johnston)

Contraception: Why Not? (Janet Smith)

Do Sex Education and Access to Contraception Cut Down on Abortion? (Kenneth D. Whitehead)

Don't Shoot the Messenger (Victor R. Claveau)

Don't Wear That Mini to Mass (Benjamin D. Wiker)

Doubts About Condoms: Science Questioning Their Efficacy in Halting HIV/AIDS (ZENIT)

Drawing a Hemline: Sexual Modesty and the Pursuit of Wisdom (Benjamin D. Wiker)

Fight AIDS at Source Vatican Official Urges (CWNEWS.COM)

Freedom to Love (Frank Sheed)

Girls, Be Wary! (Doug McManaman)

God, Sex, & Babies: What the Church Really Teaches about Responsible Parenthood  (Christopher West)

Homily on Cohabitation

Fr. Matthew Habiger OSB 

Homosexuality in the context of Christian anthropology
by Dionigi Teltamanzi, Archbishop of Genoa Italy

How Birth Control Changed America For The Worse

(Kathryn Jean Lopez)

How to Choose a Spouse (Marshall Fightlin)

Important Points Concerning the Virtus/Safe Environment Program and "The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality"

In search of a scapegoat (Michael Cook)

In-Vitro Fertilization and the Hermeneutic of the Gift

(Christopher West)

It's Time to be a Man Again (Norman Doige)

John Paul II's Theology of the Body: Key to an Authentic Marital & Family Spirituality (Christopher West)

Know Your Body: A Family Guide to Sexuality & Fertility

(Charles W. Norris, M.D. & Jeanne B. Waibel Owen)

Language of the Body (Janet Smith)

Life & Love Revisited (Rev. David J. Erickson)

Living Together (The Bishops of Pennsylvania)

Love and Sex: What is the Connection? (Mary Beth Bonacci)

Modern Myths About Cohabitation (Jay Copp)

Modest Dress in the Modern World (Fr. William Saunders)

Modesty Revisited (Wendy Shalit)

New Research Shows Dangers of Condoms in HIV Prevention

(Culture of Life Foundation)

Now for Some Good News (Frederica Mathewes-Green)

Of Human Life: A pastoral letter to the people of God of northern Colorado on the truth and meaning of married love

(Right Reverend Charles J. Chaput)

On Human Sexuality: A Response of the Holy See to Parents

(Msgr. John F. McCarthy)

On the trivialisation of sexuality. Regarding certain interpretations of 'Light of the World'".

Note from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

On Romance (Mark Shea)

Premarital Sex (Janet Smith)

Pre-Marital Sexual Relations (Archpriest Joseph F Purpura)

Prophylactics or Family Values? (Msgr. Suadeau)

Proposing Courtship (Amy A. Kass & Leon R. Kass)

Quintessence of Dust (Donald DeMarco)

Responsible Parenthood (Prof. Jose Vidamor B. Yu

Sex and Violence — Not all Bad (Rabbi Daniel Lapin)

Sex Education: The Vatican's Guidelines (K. D. Whitehead)

Sex in the City of God (Katheryn Jean Lopez)

Sex, Natural Law, and Confusion in High Places

(Joe Campbell)

Shameless and loveless (Roger Scruton)

"Sexual Wisdom" - a summary (Dr. Richard Wetzel, M.D.)

"Sexy" Fashions?...What Do Men Think? (Mike Mathews)

STDs Chart - in PDF format

Sterilization: Why It Is Wrong (Fr. William Saunders)

Stories You Might Not See in the Mainstream Media (ZENIT)

Subversive Masculinity (Sarah E. Hinlicky)

Talk to Kids about Sex, Love, and Character

(Thomas Lickona)

Teenage Modesty and the Beautiful (Doug McManaman)

Temperance (Donald DeMarco)

The AIDS Pandemic: Saving the Next Generation

(Her Excellency Janet K. Museveni)

The Blessing of a Chaste Life (Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted)

The Christian View of Sex: A Time for Apologetics, not Apologies (Janet Smith)

The Clarifying Light of Humanae Vitae (Mary Claire Kendall)

The Failure of Sex Education (Barbara Dafoe Whitehead)

The Greatest Misconception (Dr. Richard Wetzel, M.D.)

The Hook-Up Culture: When Sex Becomes Sport (tothesource)

The How and Why of Natural Family Planning

(Mary Shivanandan)

The Immorality of Sterilization (Fr. William Saunders)

The Joy of Sexual Values (John Leo)

The Latest Skirmish in the Condom Wars (Family Concerns)

The Liberal Arts and Sexual Morality (Peter Kreeft)  

"The more children, the more love." …An Interview with a mother of 20.

The Neglected Heart: The Emotional Dangers of Premature Sexual Involvement (Thomas Lickona)

The New Language: A Crash Course in the Theology of the Body (Christopher West)

The Pastoral Problem of Masturbation (John F. Harvey, OSFS)

The Pitfalls of Sex Education (Toni Collins)

The Problem with the Pill (Mary Beth Bonacci)

The Sex Trap: Why Women Should Never Say Yes Before Marriage (Danielle Crittenden)

The “Social Vaccine”(Anto Akkara)

The Theology of the Body & The New Evangelization

(Christopher West)

The Truth about Teenage Birth Rates (Mary Beth Bonacci)

Toward Sexual Wisdom after the Sexual Revolution

(Dr. Richard Wetzel, M.D.)

U. N. Report Suggests Condoms are not the Answer to Aids Epidemic (Austin Ruse)

U.N. Revelation (Douglas A. Sylva)

United Nations Official Slams US for Abstinence Approach to AIDS in Uganda

U.S. Families on the Rebound (ZENIT)

Uganda Remains Bright Spot in African AIDS Crisis (CNSNEWS.COM)

Uganda Winning the Battle Against AIDS — Using Abstinence

(Sarah Trafford)

Vatican Denounces Violence Suffered by Women in Latin America (ZENIT)

VIRTUS "Protecting God's Children" program

Von Hildebrand on Love, Happiness, and Sex (William A. Marra)

What About the Condom? (Dr. Stephen Genuis)

What are the Common Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

(Stephen & Shelagh Genuis)

What is the Theology of the Body & Why is it Changing so Many Lives?(Christopher West)

What We Have Discovered About Not-So-Free Love

(Frederica Mathewes-Green)

Which Are the Common STDs? (Dr. Stephen Genuis)

Who's on First? (J. Budziszewski)

Why is Teen Sex a Problem? (Stephen & Shelagh Genuis)

Will Condoms Really Stop AIDS In Africa? (Brian Saint-Paul)




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