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A Prophecy Fulfilled (Dwight Longnecker)

Accused! (J. Budziszewski)

Answering Advocates of Gay Marriage

(Katherine Young and Paul Nathanson)

Apostolate to the Homosexual (Ralph McInerny)

The Blessing of a Chaste Life (Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted)

Boston Catholic Charities at odds with bishops?

Brokeback Mountain: Rape of the Marlboro Man

(David Kupelian)

Brokeback Syndrome — More Than One Way Off the Mountain (Warren Throckmorton)

But What do I Say? (J. Budziszewski)

Can same-sex marriage be stopped? (Tom Hoopes)

Can't Anyone Tell Me Why? (J. Budziszewski)

Civil Unions: Compromise or Surrender? (Midge Decter)

Coming To A Boil (James Hitchcock)

Considerations Regarding Proposals to Give Legal Recognition to Unions Between Homosexual Persons

(Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith)

Culture of Vice (Robert R. Reilly)   

Dear Abby — Here's Some Advice (Warren Throckmorton)

Dignity and Difference: Presenting Before the Parliamentary Committee on the Same-sex Marriage Bill (Iain T. Benson)

Drive to Punish Scouts for Homosexual Ban Fizzles (Andrew Walther)

First-Person: Same-Sex 'Marriage' — Have the Best Interests of Children Been Considered? (Dawn Stefanowicz)

For Better or for Worse? (Mary Ann Glendon)

Former Lesbian and Teacher Fights Homosexual Agenda in Schools (L. A. Williams)

‘Gay marriage’ and homosexuality: some medical comments (John Shea, MD, John Wilson, MD, et. al.

Gay Marriage: Not a Very Good Idea (William J. Bennet)

Gay Marriage: Reimagining Church History (Robin Darling Young)

Gay Marriage: Who’s Minding the Children? (Susan Brinkman)

Going Straight (Lauren Quaintance)

Homophobia: An Unfinished Story (J. Budziszewski)

Homosexual-Tolerance Book Misses the Point, Critics Say

(National Catholic Register)

Homosexuality (Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz, S.T.D.)

Homosexuality and American Public Life - book review

(J. Budziszewski)

Homosexuality and Hope (Catholic Medical Association)

Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth (Jeffery Satinover)

Homosexuality in the context of Christian anthropology
(Dionigi Teltamanzi, Archbishop of Genoa Italy)

Homosexuality Resources (COURAGE & NARTH)

Homosexuality: The Untold Story — The phantom gene

(Susan Brinkman)

Homosexuals Can Change (Brian Caulfield)

Homosexuals Can Change, Research Says (Judy Roberts)

In the Image of God: Church Teaching on Human Sexuality

(Susan Brinkman)

 Instruction Concerning the Criteria for the Discernment of Vocations with regard to Persons with Homosexual Tendencies in view of their Admission to the Seminary and to Holy Orders

 (Congregation for Catholic Education), Nov. 4, 2005

Is homosexuality innate and inherited? (Dr. Jeffery Satinover)

Is Sexual Orientation Fixed at Birth? (NARTH )

“It is sinful” Sacramento Bishop Jaime Soto’s address to the National Association of Catholic Diocesan Lesbian and Gay Ministries.

It’s About Marriage (Stanley Kurtz)

It's Elementary: Gay and Lesbian Issues in the Classroom

(Karen Jo Gounaud)

Judaism’s Sexual Revolution: Why Judaism (and then Christianity) Rejected Homosexuality (Dennis Prager)

Kinsey and the Homosexual Revolution (Judith Reisman, Ph.D.)

Known causes of same-sex attraction (Susan Brinkman)

Letter from Archbishop O'Malley on Homosexuality

Medical Downside of Homosexual Behavior (ZENIT)

The Myth of the Gay Gene (Fr. Nicanor Pier Giorgio Austriaco)

On Always Our Children (Bishop Fabian W. Bruskewitz)

   One Man, One Woman (Robert P. George)

Opposition to Gay Marriage is Not Discrimination

(Rabbi Aryeh Spero)

Origin and Healing of Homosexual Attractions and Behaviors

(Richard Fitzgibbons)

Out of the Closet and into Chastity (David Morrison)

Pope John Paul II Speaks About Homosexuality

Prepare yourself for the 'Marriage Debate'

(Catholic Civil Rights League)

The Pastoral Problem of Masturbation John F. Harvey, OSFS 

Prominent Psychiatrist Announces New Study Results: 'Some Gays Can Change' (NARTH)

Protecting the Traditional Definition of Marriage in Canada

(Stephen Harper, MP

Psychotherapy for the "Gay" Teenager (Joseph Nicolosi)

Put kids' rights ahead of gay marriage (Margaret Somerville)

Queering the Schools (Marjorie King)

Real Love for Homosexuals (David Morrison)

Reflections on the Human Potential Movement (Linda Nicolosi)

Same-sex issues in our schools (J. Fraser Field)

Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ a Health Risk Doctors Warn Parliamentarians of Connection between Homosexuality and Pedophilia

Same-Sex Marriage Flounders (Zenit June 24, 2006)

Scripture on Homosexuality (Robert A. J. Gagnon)

Selling Homosexuality (Matt Kaufman)

Seven Things I Wish Pro-Gay People Would Admit (Bob Davies)

Social consequences of gay rights laws can't be ignored

(J. Fraser Field)

Straight Talk (Leon J. Suprenant, Jr.

Surgical Sex  (Paul McHugh)  

Testimony Before the Massachusetts Senate Committee Studying Gay Marriage (Dr. Jeffrey Satinover)

The Assault on the Boy Scouts of America  (Midge Decter)

The case against "Same-sex marriage" (Margaret Somerville)

The Case Against Same-Sex Marriage (Tim Leslie)

The Complex Interaction Of Genes And Environment: A Model For Homosexuality (Dr. Jeffery Satinover)

The Dangers Presented by the "Gay Rights" Movement

(Fr. John Harvey)   

The Dilemma of Same-Sex Marriage (David Orgon Coolidge)

The End of Marriage in Scandinavia (Stanley Kurtz)

The Gay Invention (R. V. Young)

The Health Risks of Gay Sex (John R. Diggs, Jr. M.D.

The Innate-Immutable Argument Finds No Basis in Science

(A. Dean Byrd, Shirley E. Cox, & Jeffrey W. Robinson)

"The Knot That Can't Be Tied": Secular, Natural and Sacramental Marriage (Mark Lowery)

The Long Conversion of Oscar Wilde (Andrew McCracken)

The Marrying Kind (Elizabeth Kristol)

The Origins and Therapy of same-sex attraction disorder 

(Richard Fitzgibbons)

The Real Reason Why Christians Oppose Same-Sex Marriage

John-Henry Westen

The Roots of Law (J. Budziszewski)

The Seeker (J. Budziszewski)

The Truth About Homosexuality: A four-part Series. (Father Michael Rodriguez)

The truth about same-sex attractions (Warren Throckmorton)

The Vatican and Same-Sex Unions (Donald DeMarco)

To Cure or Not to Cure (E. L. Pattullo)

VanCity Credit Union Affair: Letter from the Archbishop

(Archbishop Adam Exner,OMI)

Treatment and Prevention (Susan Brinkman)

Vera's Story

Vermont Activists Put Brakes on 'Civil Unions' Legislation

(Lawrence Morahan)

What science tells us about same-sex unions (Donald DeMarco)

When Boys Won't Be Boys: Childhood Gender Identity Disorder

(Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons and Dr. Joseph Nicolosi)

When Insults No Longer Insult (James Neuchterlein)

Why "Hate Crimes" are Wrong (Richard John Neuhaus)

Why Not Gay Marriage? An Exchange (Catholic World Report)

Yes, I am a Homophobe (Ken Hamblin)



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