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Bible Sabotage 

Bible Sabotage recounts a weekly dialogue between the author and two long-time members of Calvary Chapel Church; George, who had been teaching a weekly Bible study for 15 years and his pastor, Bill. Pastor Bill had been the leader of a small Southern California congregation for many years. These three men met approximately one to three hours weekly on Saturday mornings to discuss Catholic doctrine. Little by little, week after week, George and Pastor Bill developed a deep, abiding respect for all things Catholic.

240 pages


Finally, a book which covers all the major controversial issues of Catholicism all in one place. Bible Sabotage combines a world of knowledge in one relatively small space and in a surprisingly simply format. It is a treasure for any Catholic who has ever wondered about the Church's teachings and doctrines, and even more so, for any Catholic who has tried to explain these things to another person.

    Jam packed with information, teaching and knowledge, this book is both inspiring and uplifting. The writer uses his valuable experience of evangelizing two Protestant Christians as an entertaining backdrop for unfolding and presenting to the reader, the plethora of treasures which are embedded in the heart of our Church. Through the conversation of these three men, the writer provides all the right answers at all the right times, using strikingly appropriate Scripture passages, Catechism references and quotes from the Saints to support explanations. Not only does he show us what to say, but how to say it - always with patience, love and a true desire to bring the Truth to the hearts of all people, so that they can become fully united with the Eucharistic Jesus.

    The book has certainly filled in many gaps in my knowledge and given shape to the thoughts and feelings I had about the Church and her teachings, but which I could not yet express in words. I know now that I will gently yet confidently be able to impart this knowledge to enquiring (or arguing) people.

    Bible Sabotage is vital for any Catholic who knows how important it is to be able to explain and support the faith of our one Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church to those who need to hear it most. Indeed a valuable work with wide appeal.
–Anna, Melbourne, Australia


 “So many times, I found myself frustrated during discussions with non-Catholics or fallen-away Catholics about our Faith — knowing that I did not have the right explanation or approach. Since reading and studying Bible Sabotage, that will never happen again. A truly easy to read, easy to understand book about the richness of our Roman Catholic religion; it clearly proves that ours is the one and only true Church. A Wonderful work of evangelization for evangelists.”
–Federico Hernandez


 “I am fully convinced that Victor Claveau's book, Bible Sabotage will prove to be invaluable to those who take the teachings of Jesus Christ seriously. Victor's no nonsense approach to answering controversial questions is desperately needed in the Church today. I whole-heartedly recommend people of all faith backgrounds read this book! I say this, praying that my fellow Catholic brothers and sisters in the Faith will be the first.”
–Elisa Bell


 “A wonderful book! It kept me up to the wee hours of the morning reading – just couldn’t put it down. This book is a must for anyone desiring to learn how to explain and defend the truth of the Catholic religion in a practical way. Victor has a confident, straight forward approach to teaching Catholic doctrine, and as a result makes difficult theological concepts easy to understand. If you want to find out what the Catholic Church really teaches, read this book!?”
–John C. Leach, Sr., President - Pope John Paul II Society of Evangelists.


I just finished reading your Bible Sabotage Book. It was excellent reading and I couldn't put it down. You had information that I have never heard before and I have been studying apologetics for 3 yrs since my return to the Church after 30 yrs of Evangelicalism! God bless your ministry.
-Russ Rentler, M.D.


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Bible Sabotage

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Bible Sabotage is back in print.

We have received numerous requests to have the book translated into Spanish and Portuguese. The cost of a professional translation and publication is approximately $5,000. per language. The Spanish translation is currently in progress but funds are needed to complete the project.  Donations would be greatly appreciated.




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